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Meet Our Guatemala Contact

Jacqueline and David  have forwarded this picture  of young people in Guatemala who are working now to find the most needy families for our Rotary team to help.

Our Guatemala contacts.

Our Guatemalan contacts.

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Our nine member Rotary Guatamala team is very surprised and appreciative of the support from our fellow Rotarians who have made cash donations.  We have added a new page to show how easy it is to make donations the  project. You will find the “HOW YOU CAN DONATE” tab at the top of the blog.

Remember all donations go to the needy in Guatamala and even small amounts go a long way to improve the lives of many who live in desperate conditions. There are no administration costs taken from donations and you get a Tax receipt.

We hope to be able to post regular blogs while in Guatamala so you can see exactly how your donations are being spent.

Tell your friends.  They might like to donate as well.



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