Donate Your Old Eye Glasses

Our rotary Guatemala group has been meeting every week and now there are only two weeks left to have all our ducks in a row. Lots of details like how and what money to take, how big and how many bags etc.  We have decided to take as many pairs of  old reading  glasses  as we can gather ( or any eye glasses).

If you have any Old Eye Glasses to donate send us a message and we will arrange to pick them up.

Graham Calder who is now in Guatemala  has send the following pictures showing us the lumber we will have access to and one on the “houses” in great need of repair.  Apparently this is home to a women and her two daughters and five grandchildren.  It will be our job to fix  leaky roofs and make beds in many homes like this.


The lumber is green and rough but should be fine to make the much needed beds.


It is difficult to imagine people living in such conditions. We hope we can make a difference.



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One thought on “Donate Your Old Eye Glasses

  1. Rod Fay

    Pictures show a great need for urgent help. I hope you will be able to improve the situation in the time you will be there.

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