Travel Trials and Tribulations

We are finally in Guatemala after an overnight in Houston. I won’t dwell on the details because we have lots of interesting stories and pictures to share. Got to Houston just after midnight and picked up our accommodation and taxi vouchers from United Airlines.  It was difficult to get to our hotel because none of the taxis wanted to accept the vouchers. Shelley put the pressure on and a young cabby took us to the hotel ( Super 8..sort of a hotel ) arriving about 1 a.m.  Tipped the cabby and went in to find they only had two rooms.  Nine Rotarians shared two rooms then back to the airport at 6:30 a.m.  just in time to watch  Canada win the hockey Gold in the restaurant.  Lots of Canada fans in Houston  as you could hear the cheers ripple through the airport.

PS Colleen never did find her boarding pass but was able to go across the airport and get another and be back to the loading gate with well over six minutes to spare.  Luckily when she lost it again the next day a frantic search in security turned it up.

Landed in Guatemala at noon and were picked up by David with driver and van.  Twelve people nine sets of luggage and three extra large suitcases  with supplies ( one of which broke open at the Victoria airport) and we were off for the three hour drive to San Antonio at Lake Atitlan.

Overcrowded vehicles, no set belts, NO problem, as you will see.

Overcrowded vehicles, no seat belts, NO problem, as you will see.

McDonalds parking lot with guards on duty. Nice touch.
Heading for McDonalds parking lot with guards on duty. Nice touch.


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4 thoughts on “Travel Trials and Tribulations

  1. Is Lake Atitlan the lake where the women come down from the mountain to wash their clothes?
    What village will you be working in?

  2. Jan Bunney

    It’s bound to get worse before it gets betterF!! No that’s suppose to read it’s bound to get better!! LOL have fun thinking of you! Jan and Earl!

  3. Rod & Carol

    Hello, Adventurers!
    Your journey sounds hectic. I’m glad everything turned out OK and that you all survived the journey.
    I see some subsequent blogs from you in my email so I’ll get my act together,read them and share them with those you left behind in Chemainus.
    We are meeting at the Saltair tonight so I’ll take my Ipad and access Peter’s wi fi so everyone can see your blogs’ pictures. I’ll also put some in The Waterwheel.

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