San Antonio Palopo City of Contrasts

Stepping out of the van Sunday night we were all struck by the amazing beauty of this place. We wallowed in the warm air, looked up the mountain at the unusual structures and watched the colorful people. The busy day was topped of with cool drinks and fine food then a stunning sunset over the lake. Monday morning we took in more of the beauty from our hotel deck then walked down town to meet our local Guatemalan project guides, all colorfully dressed remarkable young women. In the afternoon we divided into groups to visit the people we came to help.  This is when the contrasts started to set in.  We met colorful happy people and extremely sad people, busy entrepreneurs and people who have absolutely nothing. As the day progressed we all began to discover what wonderful , caring  and hard working people live here. We each also had stories at the end of the day that made us want to get to work to see what we could do.

In this blog I will show you some images that show the charm and beauty of this small city.  The next blog will not be as happy, as I will show you some of the very sad situations people are living in.

IMG_9191IMG_9233 IMG_9199 IMG_9158 IMG_9106 IMG_9102 IMG_9100 IMG_9097 IMG_9095 IMG_9062 IMG_9061 IMG_9060 IMG_9041 IMG_9024 _MG_2700_1 _MG_2683 _MG_2664_1 _MG_2600_1 _MG_2536 _MG_2526 _MG_2507 _MG_2492 _MG_2478 _MG_2476 _MG_2472 _MG_2468 _MG_2330_1 _MG_2323 _MG_2261 _MG_2238 _MG_2227 _MG_2226_MG_1990

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5 thoughts on “San Antonio Palopo City of Contrasts

  1. I’m sure the people and the place has started to worm into your hearts and souls. Really wish I was there with you. Take care.

  2. Denise @ Marlin Travel

    enjoyed your update! and love love your photos, fabulous!

  3. chemainiac

    Not bad for a ‘point ‘n shoot’. Keep them pics and letters coming!
    Oh, and get to work.

  4. Wow, it looks so far from home. I am sure that you will help many with your efforts and “leg up”.

  5. Rod & Carol

    We had our meeting at the Saltaire last night. I took my I pad along and shared all three of the blogs so far. Everyone particularly enjoyed the pictures as well as your accounts of the Adventure so far.
    From the pictures and your comments it seems a beautiful country with many contrasts both physical and social.
    We hope Len’s back is feeling better. Keep up the good work and keep those blogs coming. Best wishes to all.

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