Back on the Internet in Honduras

Finally got an internet connection in Honduras after a night in Antigua without one. The countryside, the people and the villages in Honduras are slightly different. A difference  you could see the minute your made the border crossing. (Crossing the border about a one hour task waiting in the 29 degree heat while various officials puffed up their chests.)  Gone are the traditional Mayan clothing. In fact gone are the Mayans. According to Jacqueline the Mayan population was wiped out when the United Fruit Company came to town along with some healthy smallpox germs. The people here are referred to as Ladino.  The economy is much better here than Guatemala. We don’t see the absolutely desperate people. In Guatemala even the dogs  had a desperate look to them, just lying around, never wagging tails. Here dogs wag tails and even come up to you. The reason is lots of jobs in the food growing and harvesting business.  Coffee, melons, vegetables much of it landing on our tables I am sure.

But enough, we are off to explore this small village before touring some ruins tomorrow. Should be some interesting stuff so stick with us.

Loading melons by the thousands.

Loading melons by the thousands.

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One thought on “Back on the Internet in Honduras

  1. Rod & Carol

    Glad to be back in contact. Take care and stick together. Apparently Honduras is very
    Rod & Carol

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