Yesterday was a 5 hour van ride ( 13 people and the driver) in the 34 degree heat  ( in the shade) with a stop at a banana plantation then a boat ride to a secluded beach on the Guatemalan Caribbean coast.  Then another boat ride to our villa at Livingston.  This small town has no road access.  We leave in 40 minutes for a walking tour of town so might not get to blog for a day or two. Driveing here is like the old days, No seat belts, veering off to the right as careless drivers pulled out to pass trucks. Lots of horn honking.

A new page has been added with miscellaneous tour pictures. Yon can find the picture page by clicking on the tab at the top of any page.

Boat ride to secluded beach

Boat ride to secluded beach


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  1. Bill Spearn

    Well Done Guys! Congrats to Joan for initiating this project and to all Rotarians who helped to see it through to fruition. Great Job, wish I could have been there. Awesome blog Art, well done!

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