Chichicastenango, Learn How to say it to impress your friends

Chichicastenango!  Actually  it is easy to pronounce but hard to stop saying it once you do. To locals , it is simply Chici. Cichicastenango is a town but also synonymous with the world famous market by the same name. The market, open two days a week, goes back to the 1500’s and brings mostly  indigenous peoples from miles around to sell their wares to each other and the tourists. On Sundays the town also has many religious ceremonies from both the Catholic church and indigenous religions. Our group took the one and a half hour van ride on very twisty roads to the market (except Art who had a “stay close to the bathroom” day at the hotel). Following is the day in pictures taken by Joan and Daphne. You may have to wait a bit for the slideshow to load.

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One thought on “Chichicastenango, Learn How to say it to impress your friends

  1. Colleen Davy

    Awesome slideshow! Wha wha. ..boohoo. … wish I was with you! My thoughts are with you Art..keep up the awesome work team …I am so proud to know you! Love all around! Colleen

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