Sharing Blog Post With Jacqueline and David

I got this post and pictures from Jacqueline and Davids blog called Great post, Thank you Jacqueline and David.


Kathleen – A Perfect Fit

Kathleen is new Rotarian who is making a very important and useful contribution in the health field.  Fluent in Spanish, having lived and worked for several years in Peru, and with a nursing background, she is a perfect fit to work with the local nurse.  Together they will make home visits to people with chronic illnesses.  Already she has been a real help in counseling those with diabetes.   She will be working closely with the local clinic, and will make a list of essential medicines; the clinic presently has no medicines or vitamins, and only very occasionally, a doctor visits.



Ken’s the Man!

When the professional takes over from the amateur, boy does the pace of carpentry go up!  Ken has brought his skill, expertise and ideas to our project.  Already, after only three days, much has been done:

  • In the days before Rotarian Ken Stanton arrived, Nanaimo Rotarians Graham and Ron produced many beds, including our newest design: the bunk!  Ken has continued the work, with the cordless tools he brought down; today he figures he will cut all the wood for another fifteen beds.  ¡Trabaja muy rapido!  (He works really fast),  and all the angles are right!
  • Jorge (mentioned in our blog last year) is the young man who presented us with a fresh, ready-to-cook ardillo, did so, and served it up to those of us brave enough to try it. Although it was a squirrel, it tasted like chicken, and was …. delicious.  His 94-year old grandmother lives in a mud-cane one-room home, with a door and an open window space.  Now she has snug-fitting shutters, and no more cold drafts to endure.  Jorge’s “home” is a smaller cane hut next door to hers, that had a curtain for a door.  Now he has one of the best doors ever.  It solid wood, on  hinges, and a has a lock!
  • Petrona’s door, made by Ken two years ago out of very green wood, somehow acquired its own unique shape that no longer fit the space. That door has been given a new lease on life.

Thank you Ken!

Ken at work

Ken at work

Tom’s  Home Repair 101

Tom Andrews is again working with Julian Sicajan, with assistance from Viciente, to re-construct homes.  First up will be the home of Francisca, a young widow.  It had been a small mud-cane hut, with a porous tin roof, no windows, and a very uneven dirt floor.  Thanks to the wonders of cement, the floor will soon be flat and clean.  The replacement walls will be wood, with a window (shutters by Ken), and a door (also by Ken).  This replacement 10 foot square casita will once more be home to Francisca, her son Fredi, and to her aging mother.  Once they finish this home, Tom and the team will move on to number two, and if time and money permit, to a third home.

Tom at work

Tom at work

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One thought on “Sharing Blog Post With Jacqueline and David

  1. Colleen Davy

    The three of you make me so proud to be a friend of Rotary…thank you for this important work. Please give my very best to Jose’s mamma….sending her strength and love. Colleen

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