Three Cheers for Chemainus Rotary Team 2017

It’s been a busy weekend wrapping up all of our projects.

The two new houses were finished, complete with cement floors.
Ten pairs of new shoes were handed out to very appreciative children.
Fifteen soccer balls were donated to the elementary school. The students dove into the mesh carrying bag before it hit the floor.
Fifty children were provided with a nutritional supplement and given a dental hygiene demonstration as part of a weekly program.
The water project is progressing slowly but surely as the last hurdle of land negotiation is being finalized. The pipes are securely stored waiting to be installed within the next few weeks.
It’s been a very rewarding and heartwarming experience. Thank you to all our supporters and donors for your generosity. The families here are very appreciative of our efforts to help them improve their lives.20170210_172155 20170210_172205 20170211_082243 img_0059 img_0184 img_0233
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One thought on “Three Cheers for Chemainus Rotary Team 2017

  1. Johns Email

    One more cheer from Ladysmith Rotary to Rotary in the little town that did and does. John

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