On the way to San Anotonio Palopo

The Road to San Antonio Palopo


Arriving just before sunset at Lake Atitlan we were treated to a reception by Jacqueline and David. The next post will show you some of the beauty of this amazing place.

Feb 23,2014  Here are some images that will give you a glimpse of what you might see along the road from Guatemala City to San Antonio Palopo. Not great photography because they were all shot from the side window of the moving van but you get the idea.  Because it was Sunday there were lots of families on the road waiting for the small run about scooters, the colorful school type buses or the small pick up trucks called Tuks.  There  were many special events and markets. In Guatemala we were told it could be a dangerous place and some areas did look like you would not want to visit any time of day or night.  Notice the image of policemen with automatic rifles.  As we got further from  City it was more about families enjoying the beautiful 74 degree Fahrenheit day.0223_00280223_0032 0223_0081 0223_0097 0223_0112 0223_0147 0223_0154 0223_0180 0223_0202 0223_0244 0223_0252 0223_0279 0223_0287 0223_0293 0223_0301 0223_0320 0223_0341

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